Tom Barlow

Barlow has a new record filled with the kind of songs and messages that garnered the band 3 Juno nominations and a 2013 Marty Award for Established Artist Of The Year, presented by the Mississauga Arts Council.

Barlow’s major label debut on Sony records spawned two top ten singles "Walk Away" and "Married By Elvis" the winner of the Virgin Radio 99.9 Songwriting contest, as well as tours with such prominent artists as John Mayer, Barenaked Ladies and Tom Cochrane.

For the follow up record entitled BURNING DAYS, Barlow once again teams up with long-time collaborator and Producer Mladen Alexander and together they have created another collection of socially conscious, hook laden pop/folk/rock songs.

Staying true to their music-making roots, Tom and Mladen released the first single from their sophomore album Burning Days via viral video in the Fall of 2011. Titled “Steal Like A Billionaire,” the track is a reflection of the anger that people around the world have been feeling for a long time toward financial institutions and their inability to lead North America away from financial upset.

Believing that music continues to have the ability to inspire and educate, the band has recently created the Young Minds on Music program. This “edutainment” program, which sees Tom and Mladen visiting high schools and colleges across the country, discusses the ways in which music improves the lives of all it touches. Each presentation invites youth to challenge their current beliefs of how music affects their everyday lives and how they can leverage a life passion to understand the world around them. This is particularly important to youth at risk who often find music to be such an important part of their lives. Tom has been recognized for his work with a TDCSB Alumni of the Year award and the Order of Saint Jean De Brebeuf.

The band’s global view is largely informed by their touring schedule, having played individually and together everywhere from combat zones in Central America to the tiniest Inuit communities in the high Arctic to the major urban centers of the world. In 2012 alone, Barlow has performed across Canada as well as Ecuador, Greenland, and Baffin Island. Barlow performed last October in front of 28,000 at the Foodstock event in Honeywood which protested the Mega-Quarry. The band believes in speaking out and making a difference.

Hoping to increase awareness of important social issues while entertaining those who listen, Barlow will continue working to ensure that everyone has a voice when it comes to issues that are important to them and the communities they live in. Alive will be the first single, mixed in LA, by renowned Producer Arnold Lanni, available now on radio and iTunes.
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